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Retreat from the desk, return refreshed.

Have the work week you always dreamed of — without the bad wifi.

Located in a peaceful bungalow outside of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

12 private rooms with ensuite bathrooms, 2 group meeting rooms, and 4 breakout rooms.

Private chef team providing on demand meals - just like your team kitchen.

5 outdoor obstacle courses, including private beach ½ mile from bungalow.

Retreat facilitator to manage your day to day activities so you all get a chance to reset.

Dedicated computer room for times that you must wifi.

Be a better team in 5 days, like this one.

Group of happy people at an outdoor retreat.

LaCrue Bottling Co. October 2018

Welcome to LaCrue Bottling Co., where passion meets precision in every bottle. Founded by a collective of visionary women, our winery stands as a testament to the power of dedication and expertise.

Recently, our all-women team embarked on a transformative wilderness retreat, immersing ourselves in nature's serenity and bonding over shared experiences. Surrounded by towering forests and cascading streams, the retreat offered more than just relaxation; it became a catalyst for personal and professional development.